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30 Oct

10 Free Educational Apps for Kids

What is better than educational apps to keep your kids learning outside the classroom? Fortunately, there are plenty of free apps for kids that are educational and fun and will not cost you much. At live event activation company in UAE, we embrace play as an effective educational tool, so here is a list of some of those wonderous games.


The first game is Funbrain Jr., it includes interactive games, worksheets, videos, and interactive stories, it is suitable for pre-schoolers with plenty of content to keep your little ones engaged and busy.


The second game comes Poptropica, it a story-based game that allows kids to customize their characters, play with their friends, and win quests in a safe context, it is suitable for six to twelve years old, kids just love to create an avatar and win prizes with this game.


As for the third game, there is Coolmath games for ages thirteen and above, there is lots of challenges that involves logic and thinking and brain-training, no violence involved. Just a mental workout and plenty of fun. 


Our fourth game is for two years old, the Fish School, this game involves letters, shapes, colours, matching, in addition to fun interactions with a simple touch and drag action.


Now the fifth game in our list is PBS, it is based on their popular children’s shows, each show fit in with the learning theme. It includes maths, space adventures, creatures’ powers, where kids learn with their favourite characters, it is suitable for two years old.


Another great game is Phonics Ninja, it uses sound, sight, and touch to help kids learn phonics skills, blends, diagraphs, and they can even record their own voice, this game is recommended for four years and up.


An additional game to teach your kids fractions at elementary level and up for 6 years old and above is Pizza Fractions1, a tasty math approach.


Now for science fans, there is Science 360 for twelve years and above, and available for tablets only, this app provides science and engineering news, videos, and images right to your kids’ screen. With new content added every week and a 360 view that let your kids explore images from different angles.
The ninth game is NASA Visualization Explorer, it holds news about earth, and the universe, for space fans ages seven and above, it contains stunning images and videos from space.


At last there is Awesome Eats by the Whole Foods Foundation, it is a fun, simple app that teaches kids healthy eating, pattern recognition and sorting. Where they sort fruits and vegetables into baskets, and between levels, the app displays fun facts about eating right. It is suitable for age five.


Briefly, there are plenty of apps out there, rely on your best judgment and chose the game that suits your little ones best. And as always stay tuned and in touch for more updates and great ideas.
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