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05 Oct

12 Strategies to Maximize At Home Schooling With Your Child

When you hear remote learning, home schooling, or online learning you might feel frustrated, lost, and worried. Whatever way you have decided to tackle schooling prepare yourself for rocky classes with good days and bad days. 

There will be days where your kids will be resistant and giving you a hard time, they might complain, barely sit, or participate, or even days where you will feel those exact same things.

Therefore, you must bear in mind that all this is natural regarding all the changes you are all facing. You never chose this to happen, in addition to how much time, attention, and emotions you will be investing. In addition to the fact that it is not a perfect learning environment.

On the other hand, look at the positive side, you will be enjoying closer time with your little ones, seeing them learning and feeling proud and excited for them.
Having said that here are 12 ideas to help you survive homework battles and succeed at home schooling with your kids.

First: plan for success, choose a quiet and calm time of the day and ask them what needs to be done, I said ask do not order and demanding.
Secondly: Get their bellies full before they start studying, trust me a hungry kid is an angry kid, we do not want that.

Thirdly: Follow their preferences, not all kids are alike, some kids can’t concentrate and get their work done sitting on a desk, every kid is unique, some kids might concentrate better if they sit next to you on a sofa, or in the kitchen near you, so do it their way.

Fourthly: make time for play and releasing stress, they might relax reading a book with you or playing ball games or dolls, allow your busy day to slow down and have a special time with them. Think about taking them out for a walk or to a live stage show in UAE, be creative.

As for fifthly make it fun, read in a silly voice, enjoy role playing while reading, act confused and funny. Make learning fun and exciting for them.

Your sixth step would be let your kids learn by taking the lead, let them show you how it works and lessen your role. 

As for the seventh step, stay close and present but don’t stand over your kid or play the boss role. 

On the other hand, comes step number eight it is about being interested in the way your kids get the answers rather than if the answer is right or wrong.

In addition to that teach by wondering and asking your kids questions, this will raise their confidence and decrease the pressure and make them excited and interested to explain to you and have a conversation with you.

Next to that, remember that learning is a process and explain that to your kids as well. If they feel frustrated about not knowing something explain to them that this is the reason they are learning, they do not know it yet, but they will know it soon. As Thomas Edison said ‘I have not failed. I have learned 10,000 ways that don’t work.’
Step eleven is to welcome struggles and get comfortable with them. Resist the urge to step in at every obstacle they face, let them figure it out alone, this is the right learning process.

And finally, is to embrace their waves of emotions, home schooling creates a bulk of feelings in your child, like lack of confidence sometimes, or boredom and annoyance, they might even miss school and their friends. Therefore, always listen to your kids and let them express their feelings. Stay tuned for more great ideas and new topics, and do not hesitate to contact us.

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