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30 Jan

5 Important Things to Consider Before Peter Pan Cartoon Character Meet and Greet

Peter Pan cartoon character meet and greet event is an absolute treat for all admirers. Peter Pan is a famous Disney character from the same animated movie title released in the year 1953. Peter Pan became famous in the enchanted “Neverland” for his crazy adventures. He forms a group called “Lost Boys” and comprises mostly of young boys. One of Peter Pan’s main qualities is to fly wings-free. This distinctive feature makes him stand out among all others and helps him a great deal on his adventures. He fights with wicked pirate Captain Hook and defeats him. He also has the ability to imitate people’s voices.


Wendy Darling is also a very important character in the movie who supports the main lead, Peter Pan. Wendy is a long-time admirer of Peter Pan’s Adventures and his ability to never age. According to the movie, Peter stops getting old after the age of 12 as he lives in Neverland where people don’t age. Somehow, Wendy’s dream came true when she embarked on a journey with Peter Pan to experience all she heard about in the stories. All in all, it is a great enchanted story that hooks you to the screen. 


Due to its popularity, Peter Pan character meet and greet events are organized to give fans a chance to meet him in person. Indeed, licensed character meet and greet have become part of all major shopping malls and theme parks around the world. Parents should bring their kids to these exciting events and let them have fun by enjoying and meeting their favorite characters. But there are a few important points that you need to consider before and upon your visit.


Follow the Timetable
It will be better if you go early before the meeting begins as you will have more time to spend with the characters. Some meet and greet events attract a large audience and you might miss lots of fun if you arrive late at the venue. 


Don’t Be Impatient 
Sometimes kids and parents become impatient due to a large number of attendees. They often misbehave with the staff or show rude behavior. So, don’t lose your temper and always show good manners.


Be Sociable
You will get a chance to meet other children from different backgrounds in any major licensed character meet and greet events. It is very important for children to intermingle in a confident way with other children. You should embed the social skills in them as parents so that they don't feel lonely and cast out.


Bring Gifts or Souvenirs
You can show respect to your cartoon character work by offering them presents or souvenirs. They will certainly appreciate your gratitude and always remember your kind gesture.


Don’t Forget Camera & Autograph Book 
Bring a camera with you to take pictures of  Peter Pan and other characters. Try to take many exciting photos to create a photo memory to be always kept with you. Also bring an autograph book if you want the character's autograph.
These are some tips that you need to consider once you are at the meet and greet event. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find events like Licensed character meet and greet in UAE. All major shopping malls and theme parks organize these events. If you are looking for a reputable company that can help you set up licensed character meet and greet in Dubai or the Mena region then “CopyrightLive UAE” is an ideal option. We provide fully authorized licensed events, stage shows, promotions, activations, workshops, activity zones and content on behalf of the well-known household brand. Feel free to contact us for any queries.     
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