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15 Aug

8 Life Skills You Can Teach Your Kids At Home During Quarantine

Few people heard about augmented reality. However, we live in a world of technology totally strange to older generations, and augmented reality for kids, plays an important role in that world. Thanks to the use of smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices that children start using at an early age, special apps are changing the way kids learn and play. By mixing education with entertainment, learning becomes an enjoyable experience. Toys, puzzles, coloring books, games, textbooks all come to life through augmented reality applications, which I assure you they can hold the attention of kids and young minds for hours.

Below we will discuss how the magic of these apps becomes our reality.
Simply put, augmented reality ameliorates real world by overlaying computer-generated digital content like videos, animations, sounds and graphics. Here’s four basic types of AR:
Marker-Based AR, it involves scanning a physical object such as printed QR (quick response) code with a camera, calculating its orientation and marking the position where the digital content will be displayed.
Marker less AR, which combines a GPS, gyroscope, compass and accelerometer to point the user’s physical location, which locates where the AR content will be displayed. Examples of it includes maps, pop-up advertising and driving directions.
Projection Based AR, it involves overlaying synthetic light onto physical surfaces to produce interactive holograms. 
Superimposed AR partially replaces the appearance of a physical space with an augmented image. An example of it, is the app that lets users scan a piece of furniture from a specified catalogue to see how it will look like in the house before buying it.
Augmented reality is an effective means of education and entertainment, for people of all ages, from toddlers to graduate students. It could transform a boring school day into an adventure. This technology will benefit the publishing industry as well. Plus it will be a potential revenue sources for publishers such as marketing AR textbooks, charging users to download apps, assessing subscription fees and generating income from in-app advertising and promotions.
Teaching preschool and elementary school children would take the shape of interactive, attention-grabbing AR textbooks and flash cards that may be used to teach the alphabet by digitally displaying an animal or object whose name starts with a letter. As for mathematics it includes showing a quantity of 3D objects associated with a specific number.
As for older students AR can transform the classroom into a place where historical characters can come to life from the pages. Through AR, students can tour historical sites, study the human anatomy as if in a physiology lab or fly with astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

As for toys and games there is a variety of apps, such as:

1-AR Master Shooter, a virtual shooting experience set against a real-world background. Available for both Android and iOS devices.
2-ARGunGame is an interactive shooting game that uses special AR guns, purchased separately. 
3-Real Strike is an AR game based on a polluted pool with nuclear waste by a group of dangerous pests.
4- GEO AR Games Sharks in the Park is designed to get kids moving off the couch and take their devices outside, combining the digital and real worlds, by walking around in the real world. 
5- Pokémon GO, where the player uses a digital device to detect and capture characters called Pokémon. 
6-Nintendo 3DS is a game with sizeable assortment of game cards that can be purchased separately and downloaded from Nintendo.
7- Genesis is a skill-based game that is available for both iOS and Android devices, Genesis can be played in single or multiple-gamer modes.
8- ARBasketball, ARPoolBilliards, ARSoccer…
To conclude AR games are the future and at children live stage show fabrication company we strive to be pioneers and excel at this new technology. For any further information do not hesitate to contact us.
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