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15 Feb

Emoji Activity Zone - A Complete Fun Roller Coaster Ride For Kids

Children’s activities have shown to be of great help in balanced growth and development. It is like learning new skills while having a lot of fun. Edutainment is a great concept where kids learn about science, math, art, and history through meaningful fun activities. Schools, shopping malls and theme parks set up licensed activity zones to encourage children to socially interact with each other and learn new things together.  
Emoji is generally used in chatting to express ideas and emotions. Kids love the shapes of emoji icons as it makes them laugh. Due to its popularity, Emoji activity zones became famous among theme parks, shopping malls, and other entertainment providers. Have you ever brought your kids to any licensed activity zones in UAE? If your answer is no then you are unaware of the importance of these activity zones.
Significance of Children Activity Zones?
Activity zones play an important role in the nourishment of a child’s mind and body. It helps your child to develop better social and communication skills. According to research, children can grow better emotionally, physically and intellectually through creative and imaginative gameplay.  Some of the other major benefits that you can achieve as a parent are by bringing them to licensed Children activity zones are as follows:
Improved Focus & Concentration
Once your children participate in emoji activity zones, they have to fulfill some of the activities offered by the event team. They can only accomplish those tasks effectively if their focus and concentration are on point. Such tasks have been accompanied¬ by various exercises with the sole purpose of polishing their attention and communication skills. 


Develop Artistic Skills
Emoji activity zones are packed with lots of amazing fun activities that children find exciting. One engaging activity is drawing and coloring. The event management team will provide black and white emojis and kids have to fill them with the colors of their choice or they can follow the colored ones. They also get the opportunity to draw from scratch by following the sample in front of them. 


Effective Communications & Social Skills
This is a parent and teacher’s duty to encourage kids to socially interact with other kids whether it is outside game playing or in school studies. This will boost self-confidence in them and they become smart and likable among other kids and people. For example, in emoji activity zones, they have to work with other kids to complete a task. No doubt interacting with other kids will improve the communication and language skills of your children.
Many physical benefits are hidden in activity zones and kids will enjoy participating in them. If we talk about business, brands, theme parks, and shopping malls that organize these activities to encourage parents to bring their kids to these places. If you want to set up licensed activity zones in Dubai, then CopyrightLive UAE is here to help you. We provide fully authorized licensed events, stage shows, promotions, activations, workshops, activity zones and content on behalf of well-known household brands. Feel free to reach us for any project.
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