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28 Feb

How Licensed Brand Activation Helps in Driving Consumer Engagement?

Licensed Brand Activation plays an important role in building brand popularity and helps create a consumer experience that connects consumers to the brand or company. Licensed Brand Activation Companies in Dubai plays a significant role in the Middle East's retail and entertainment industries and helps companies to attract customers to its products and services. So, what is brand activation in a nutshell?


What Is Licensed Brand Activation And Why Companies Need It?


In simple words, Licensed Brand Activation is a series of actions taken to make a brand popular and loved by the customers. For example, for entering a new market, do you think it is easy for a company to just land and conquer the consumer market. It doesn't happen frequently in the real world. Therefore, a company needs to advertise campaigns, organize consumer participation events and use other powerful marketing channels to win customers’ hearts. Swedish Carmakers, Volvo set a great example when they entered the US market. They tripled their sales in five years, using effective marketing channels and campaigns. 


Proven Benefits of Brand Activation
Licensed Brand Activation has proven to be a very convenient approach for connecting the brand with consumers and winning their loyalty.

Some of the significant benefits are listed below:

Collect consumer data through opt-in forms and relevant surveys. 
Acquire customer’s feedbacks and segregate them to know their interaction with the brand. 
Reach out and connect new audiences and bring them on board. 
Establish your brand position.
Create an emotional connection with the customers.
These are some of the best Licensed brand activation campaigns that help in driving consumer engagement.


Social Media Campaigns 
Social Media is one of the 20th century’s most powerful tools. It helps you to reach out to a massive audience with a single campaign and it helps brands to sell their story and engage customers to keep them interested. But most of the brands are unable to fully capitalize the power of social media channels. Social media helps to generate a buzz and create brand awareness in a way that no digital medium can come close to it. Licensed Brand Activation Companies in UAE helps brands to amply their events, by using the true power of social media campaigns.   


Experimental Events 
These events are also very useful to reach consumers on personal levels. It helps brands to introduce their products by setting up some meaningful activities such as taking photos in a booth or trying virtual reality experiences. It helps brands to attract visitors and provide opportunity to pitch their products and services. In experimental events, people can get the first-hand product experience, inquire about the features and give their feedback. These events provide an opportunity to emotionally touch the customers and leaves a good brand impression on their minds. 


Instore Retail Marketing To Drive More Sales 
This method is very effective as it encourages customers to try the product and get the first-hand experience. For example, a sunglasses brand can invite people to try their products and take a photo this way they get their cool pictures by wearing the glasses on the spot. Such action pushes people to quickly buy the product or purchase it later.  These events are organized by keeping in the point of purchase in mind through the help of impressive displays of new products and trained staff who help people to layout the product benefits and lifestyle associated with it.


Indeed, Brand Activation helps brands to establish a competitive market place and engage customers to attract them against their products and services. If you are looking for a reputable Licensed Brand Activation agency in Dubai and UAE, CopyrightLive UAE is willing to help you. We provide fully authorized licensed events, stage shows, promotions, activations, workshops, activity zones and content on behalf of well-known household brands. We are more than happy to assist you! 
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