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20 Aug

Live Theater Benefits Why You Should See Kids Theater

Live theatre has many benefits on your kids, from a socially enjoyable experience to a scientific proven benefit. Therefore, we invite you to visit our Live Event Activation company in UAE.


First, live theatre is interactive, different from cinema your kid is not asked to sit quietly and silently, they are asked to participate, and they may even be invited to join on stage for some scenes. Theatre is all about energy and engaging children.


A second benefit to theatre is that it triggers the imagination, by bringing to life colourful children’s book pictures, breathing into them movement, sound, and energy. So, they are diving into a multi-sensory world, a new, exiting world of imagination.


 Live theatre is usually an adaptation of a story, leading your children to thrive to read.


Another benefit is that live theatre develops your child’s emotional intelligence. Which is scientifically proven. When a family goes to theatre a strong connection is created between them. Not too omit the benefit of addressing emotionally stressing subject, such as bullying, loss, or feeling different. Thus, helping them understand and sympathize with others.


Another benefit is communication, live theatre portrays a wide range of characters and emotions through voice, movement, and gestures. For kids this seem real and believable, enabling the child to form a bond with the characters. By observing, children learn how to express themselves and communicate more efficiently.


Remember that your child’s first theatre experience can be exciting but stressful for parent and child, so here’s a list of tips to help you out:
Choose the right show for your child, bearing in mind what your child likes and dislikes, and what they can and cannot handle. 
Prepare your child make him familiar with the story of the show they’re going to watch. Teach them about what’s expected from them in the theatre.
Choose the matinee performance, it is the best time of the day for children.
Since you can’t predict how your kids will react be prepared and choose a seat near the aisle.
Make the necessary toilet trips and settle your kids down before the show starts. 
Bring snacks and drinks.


There are so many live theatres for kids to choose from. From live plays for toddlers to kid-friendly plays, please visit our Live Event Activation company in UAE to get you started. And remember that every kid is different, so you might choose plays, or go with a musical, or even a meet and greet.


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