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20 Oct

Play in Early Childhood: The Role of Play in Any Setting

If we refer to the science of child development, and to surveys at children’s live stage show we find that play is effective in supporting all the main principles that contribute to raising a happy and healthy child. Accordingly, let us look at those main principles and the role of play in nourishing them.


The first core principle to raise a healthy child is through building a responsive relationship between you and your kids, the second principle is strengthening basic life skills in your kids, and the third main principle is to reduce stress and raise their ability to cope with it. Play can foster children’s resilience to problems and hardships, in addition the complex interactions in a play setting help build your kids brain.


Through play you prepare child to uncertainty and the unknown environment. A child naturally wants to engage when you present him an object a story or a toy, your role as a parent is to promote an opportunity of play to build a strong relationship and help your child, you may sit for 5 min and ask your kids questions about what they are doing or you may introduce an object and observe what they will do and how they will interact with it.


 Your kids build interactions around play, it drives them to thinking and using problem solving skills, it shows them how to follow certain rules. There are variety of ways to create opportunities to put life skills into practice. You may create constructing activities, which require complex communication skills and tangible skills as well. Provide a safe place for your kid, provide space and resources under your guidance.


Through play children understand the world socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. And their stress is reduced when he plays, it allows him to practice coping skills and have a sense of security and certainty.


Briefly, play will not fix everything, but it is embraced in therapy to support survival and striving in a stressful environment. We use play and other methodologies to let children express their insecurities, it is a proven strategy for resilience, and it does make your kids feel better. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.
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