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05 Mar

Things That Make You Love School of Duck Live Show & Activity Zone

Things That Make You Love School of Duck Live Show & Activity Zonehe live cartoon character stage shows are a great source for children to laugh and amuse. They can spend quality time with their friends and family members while participating in meaningful learning activities. The trend of Licensed activity zones in UAE has rapidly grown in the last decade due to the keen interest of the families. Parents want their children to experience outdoor activities to improve their social skills whilst having fun in other children's company.
Due to the courtesy of the famous Donald Duck character created by Walt Disney. Cartoon Character Donald Duck is cherished by all children's age groups and schools of Donald Duck show became an instant hit after licensed cartoon character show organizers in Dubai first introduced it to the public. Everybody loved the performance of all the artists but without any doubt, Donald Duck's character stole the show. 
Donald Duck’s show at the school represents a fictional run by a cheerful Duck. The show organizers make sure that all the settings give the real-world appeal with lots of jokes and fun dance performances. Licensed activity zones designated play areas for children to express their art, language, and social skills. With all that said, are you still thinking of not bringing your children to enjoy this show? Here are some of the significant benefits of attending the School of Donald Duck live stage show. 

Stress Reliever  
Nowadays, children are constantly under great stress due to a hectic learning schedule. Parents should take their children out to experience some movies and enjoyable events, to improve their mental and physical health. This will supercharge their body and eventually boosts their productivity level. All the cartoon character show organizers in UAE do their best to provide quality entrainment that helps them to overcome their learning and social reluctance.


Amplify Art and Creativity Skills 
Live licensed cartoon character stage shows are not only a source of fun but more of working on a ‘Learn By Having Fun’ principle. Activities such as drawing and painting served numerous benefits like:
Improved memory
Better communication and problem-solving skills.
Develop emotional intelligence and self-expression. 
Improve self-esteem 
A great way of boosting imaginative skills. 


Build Bright Personality
If you have taken your children to any Licensed activity zones in UAE, you're likely to notice the large audience participation at these shows. Indeed, it is great to introduce your children to others who belong to different backgrounds and cultures. By playing and engaging with other kids surely helps your children to develop self-confidence and esteem. All people love and admire smart kids and they can quickly establish new friends. The School of Donald Duck show is a great experience and your children will have a chance to meet many new people. 


Develop Team Skills
Your kids need to develop team skills at an early age. These skills will be very useful in different walks of life, as they become adults. Some of the tasks require a team effort in the licensed activity zones to achieve the desired results. Unable to adjust in a team promotes low esteem in kids. So let them help to experience activities that require teamwork.


Indeed, licensed cartoon character children’s stage shows allow your children to have fun and learn at the same time. Activities such as drawing, painting, dancing nourish the child’s mind and body. It also helps to lessen down the communication gap between parents and modern-day kids. To set up a successful licensed cartoon character stage shows and activity zones, you need an expert team that has extensive knowledge of the cartoon character licensing. COPYRIGHTLIVE UAE is a leading licensed children's stage show organizers in Dubai and UAE who provide fully authorized licensed events, stage shows, promotions, activations, workshops, activity zones and content on behalf of well-known household brand names. Feel free to contact us for all forms of inquiries!
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