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15 Oct

Try These Sanity Saving Ideas for Parents With Kids Off School

Coronavirus Closed Your School? Try These Sanity Saving Ideas for Parents With Kids Off School.

If you are suddenly at home juggling work, housework, home schooling than this article is for you. You never planned this to happen, it was sudden and out of the blue, here are few tips to help you recover and have a plan to rely on and save your sanity.

The first thing to do is brainstorming, let your kids write down a list of things they want to do, listen to them, and take into consideration their feelings, wishes, and needs.

After that create a rhythm of favourite activities and rituals, be consistent with it, for instance you may plan your day to start with a boarding game, school time, have a reading hour at noon, have a daily smoothie time.

And then have a special time ritual to relieve the stress of the day. Let it be their time, their choice and give them your whole concentration, be positive and supportive, do not fix or adjust let them lead you.

Having said that be creative and try different activities, like baking and cooking together, spending time outdoors in nature, have a gardening routine, kids just love playing in a garden. If gardens are out of your reach make a space for them to play with sand or mud, or any tangible activity. Such activities clear their mind and relieve stressful emotions.
Another great idea is to arrange skype playdates with friends and family, let them stay connected to people they love and care about.

Then you go and let the music play, at children live stage show fabrication company we explored the magic of music on raising a healthy child. Music is uplifting and healing, so sing, dance, make up songs, or pick up some instruments and enjoy your time together.

Another helpful trick for you is to consider using educational games, play audio books or videos, watch documentaries, use online thinking games, and download activity sheets, there are plenty of resources that you may benefit from, you may even use you tube tutorials.

However, do not invest all your time on online games and activities, your kids need physical activities to stay happy and healthy, play tag, hide and seek, pillow fights, wrestle, teach them martial arts, dance, wacky races.

Subsequently get artistic and create craft, art, or science projects, let them choose and do it themselves and create a daily challenge and a daily goal.

And finally, do not forget to get support for yourself, because remember that you cannot take good care of your kids if you are not feeling well yourself. You cannot create happiness and joy if you are overwhelmed and struggling. So, make time to take care of yourself, do something that relaxes you.

At the end, even though rhythm is crucial and important but being spontaneous and surprising is essential too, have a plan and stick to it but plan one surprise for the day. It will not always be easy sunshine and rainbows, so remember do not be hard on yourself, embrace the day as it is. Stay in touch and contact us if you have any questions or inquiries.
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