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05 Nov

Turn Outdoor Games Into Indoor Games for Kids

At children live stage show fabrication company, we noticed that kids enjoy outdoor games and need them more than sedentary play. However sometimes it is impossible to play outside if it is cold or dark or if simply there is no safe space around. For such situations, the solution is clear, bring active outdoor games inside. Here are few ideas on turning outdoor play too indoor games in a great and innovative way that motivate your kids to play actively and practice their sports skills.
First, get the gear! Invest in some toys and supplies based on your kid’s preferences and favourite sports. For indoors it means smaller, lighter, and softer equipment’s like: balloons, beach balls, fabric balls, mini basketball hoops, boxes, baskets for targets, darts, indoor bowling, hula hoops, jumping ropes, ping-pong tables, and the list goes on depending on how creative and resourceful you are.
Secondly, practice outdoor sports skills indoors, of course it depends on the space you have, your kids may have the chance to practice some skills they need for their favourite sports. 
Say like soccer, they may dribble a ball along the floor, juggling. 
For tennis, they can gently bounce a ball with a racquet or play ping-pong.
For golf, you may put a cup or even help them build their own mini-golf course with cardboards and household items.
For basketball, simple drabble a ball, and for Hockey shoot balls into an indoor net.
As for figure skating, they can practice with a skate spinner. Almost any sports your child can practice it with basic exercises, or a program recommended by their coach.
To sum it up, there is so much you can do with little simple equipment’s so be creative and help your kids play actively, there is nothing more healthy for a kid than playing sports and moving around, so do your best to keep them going and stay fit. Stay tuned for more fun ideas and creative solutions, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information and recommendations.
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