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30 Sep

Using Tangible Toys for Tele practice Speech Therapy

Tele practice speech therapy uses tons of digital resources, interactive PDFs, Boom cards, online games, and virtual dice. At children live stage show we always take into consideration new approaches and diverse methods. Emily Cohen tried a different approach where she used tangible toys, and the results were shocking.

Her style was to choose a toy and make it work with all the kids, she was worried the kids will not be interested and won’t interact with her, but they proved her wrong! 
Here is a list of 5 tangible toys used by Emily for tele practice therapy:

First, the Cariboo game where the child must complete target words looking at pictures and once, they collect all the balls the game ends, kids enjoy this game and work on their speech skills as well.

Our second game is Melissa and Doug Latches Board, where you hide the target word picture behind a door and the child get to choose which paper door to open which served double-duty by providing some language opportunities with the use of basic, descriptive words.

Another game is prize wheel where she decorates it with target word cards, or Post-It Notes, depending on the child’s goals. Then the child proceeds as usual–spinning and working through their targets.

A fourth game is called surprise eggs, where she hides the eggs with target word card inside them and let the kids go on an egg hunt, fostering their language skills throughout the hunt.

Finally, Legos where the therapist have a pre-determined object she wants to build, and she provides kids with opportunities to describe the object they were building.
The goal of these games is to keep the kids engaged and working to achieve a goal, and keep in mind there is nothing wrong with using digital materials, however it is also fruitful to offer both and create diversity. For further information feel free to contact us.

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