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15 Sep

Virtual Reality Apps for Kids: Latest List of Fun Activities

Virtual reality apps are the rage these days, children of all ages are including them on their wish lists. At Live Event Activation Company in UAE we will keep you tuned to the latest list of fun games and activities; however, we implore you to check the age restrictions for each app and keep supervising your children.

According to gaming experts the best virtual reality apps for kids are:

First, google expeditions, initially this game was used in some US schools but now it is available for everybody to download from google playstore. It is a part of an educational program, where kids get to visit any place on earth.

Secondly, Assetto Corsa, it is a racing game for older children, if you like realistic races this app is for you.

Thirdly, Jurassic VR, this app lets kids wander amongst dinosaurs and approach them without fear. It looks like a safari trip, and it works on google cardboards.
Fourthly, BBC Earth, it is an app that allows kids to explore an underwater world with astonishing details.

Our fifth game is The Diner Duo, where players are chefs who must fill clients demands within time limits. It also comes with a multiplayer option, where you can challenge your friends.

A sixth game is I Expect You to Die, where teenagers become world-class secret agents to fight an evil corporation.

Our seventh game is InMind, where players travel in the brain trying to find neural disorders and see how neurons work.

Tara’s Locket is another game designed as a picture book to let the children experience the world of Tara as the story evolves.

Last, Fantastic Contraption, where players can design machines or animals and stream it with friends to interact with it.

At the end is virtual reality safe for kids? researchers are still studying its effect , having said that everything should be done in moderation , so in small doses and with supervision it is a nice world to open up to. We leave it to parents to decide, for further information do not hesitate to contact us.
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